April 26, 2015

GOP Christians In 2012

anti-lds sign: Mormonism is worse than child molesting homosexuals

Why is it that conservatives hate Romney so much? Forget if America’s ready for a Mormon president, can conservatives stop hating a non-hater? Perhaps the most favor and attention go to the extremists. In economic terms, increasing the cost of entry (i.e. fiery words, dangerous ideas that reduce thought, restoring Catholics’ no-meat-Fridays, anything to make GOP Christians different from the world) increases the incentives and value of that religion or politics (i.e. the branding and marketing power of the religion or politics). When I read an intelligent Mormon criticizing Romney, just the latest in a slew of attacks on Romney from both those of his own faith and those of his own party. From Ron Paul‘s Romney-targeted money bomb to most having strange wrong ideas about Mormons (and no shame about it either, America), conservative attacks on their own foment the hate that is frightfully virulent.

The ongoing polarization of politics has made anyone who’s intelligent and speaks intelligently on an issue to be seen as too soft, too low on hate speech to be believeable or credible. It’s unfortunate that a lazy lack of thought will take our nation into worser days. Are Americans too proud to think intelligently and deeply about the issues beyond soundbytes? Is abusing the Bible (like how some abuse Allah) better for the nation than a reasoned discussion about policy details? Spinning the Bible to fit one’s own personal flaws, values, and morals is useful by un-Biblical. Dumbing/spinning revisionist history (think: #accordingtopalin) is even worse, especially when on publically accountable networks like Wikipedia or even CNN or really, any debate or maybe some emails. GOP Christians do so unabashedly as they know most won’t double-check their Scripture if the hate speech is hateful enough. Good Christians would be best to know your Bible. Others can merely publicly embarrass the hypocrisy of the GOP Christians.

— Richard Chen


  1. gautam says:

    Amen to that. It’s a shame that our political culture feeds off personal attacks instead of encouraging thoughtful debate and discussion.

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