April 27, 2015

Who Cares about Religious Discrimination?

Cain’s slogan “Lets Get Real” says so little that his followers can brainlessly slop it up. It says so little that the unthinking would find it inspirational. There is however something worse than a soundbyte nation … a real offense of Cain’s which is his forbidding Muslims from US government service (of course, his fellow hater Beck religiously discriminates, too, equally offensable). It’s going to be impossible for the hateful, the uneducated, the historically idiotic (that’d definetly include Palin’s followers) and the generally uncaring to let that slide. It takes too much intellectual heft to know the history of religious persecution and its harms. While we educated, thoughtful folk may appreciate this history, most Americans would find it far too trivial and intelectually taxing to remember the such. They’re too busy being stupified by reality shows, far more numbing fare. Neither waving Jesus like a flag nor removing God are sensitive or educated reactions to the fine points behind religion and state. It’s impossible to win an argument against one who doesn’t care. Do Americans not care about Cain’s being religulous? So much so that they’d even want him as President? Yes.

In another vein, some comic relief:

Ahmadinejad auto-correct fail

– Richard Chen

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