April 25, 2015

Don’t Give Idiots a Microphone

OHN GURZINSKI/AFP/GETTY IMAGES; NED DISHMAN/NBAE VIA GETTY IMAGES / Floyd Mayweather's Twitter comments on Jeremy Lin (r.) are bigoted and short-sighted.

I’ll avoid politicizing the LINsanity because inevitable articles like “Commentary: Five Things Republicans Can Learn From Jeremy Lin” and “What the GOP Can Learn From Jeremy Lin” (reprint here) threaten to throw him onto the third rail of popularity.

I’ll also avoid repeating all the thoughtful to eloquent commentary out there, the personal sighs of relief, the media stereotypes, the religion of Jeremy Lin (as interesting as it is for my other favorite topic here), his complicated heritage, a wistful history of Asian-Americans in pro sports, if race matters, model minorities, the weight of history and the weight of fame, the heights of inspiration, the sense of shared heritage and identity, Yao Ming’s eloquent and humble reflection, and the importance of it all.

I instead go after Floyd Mayweather’s bigoted Tweet about Jeremy Lin:

Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he’s Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise.

What a Twit of a Tweet. Indeed, NY Knicks’ Jeremy Lin is Mr. Big Shot while Floyd Mayweather is just another Twitter twit (and more racist Tweets abound with supporters around). More than a Twit, he’s a publically tolerated racist. Such racism is what happens when you give any old idiot a microphone. Think Rush Limbaugh or any of his kind. Plus, you get bad candidates galore with no fundamental grasp on government masquerading as government official-wanna-be’s, personal flaws masquerading as religious conviction, dumb ideas masquerading as party line policies, and opinions masquerading as news. Hoekstra and his kind are no flukes. We’ll get more like them as long as racists have a microphone.

– Richard Chen

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