April 28, 2015


Editor’s Note: The video above is not an official part of the press release below though it sure makes it more infuriating. The below is a reposting of “Congresswoman Chu Denounces Vicious Attacks Against Sandra Fluke“. Dr. Judy Chu is an Honorary Board member of the Asian American Action Fund and was endsorsed by the Asian American Action Fund in her successful 2008 election in California’s 32nd Congressional District.

Update: The media genius further earns his media credibility by continuing the attack. Pure media genius, he’s going to shine in his believers’ eyes. In his game, it’s an old game. Defund his advertisers to punish him, that’s my advice.

CONTACT: Dan Lindner
March 1, 2012


WASHINGTON, DC – On February 23, Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke bravely testified before the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee about the importance of access to contraception for all women. To discredit her testimony, rightwing radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh called Ms. Fluke a “prostitute” and a “slut”. In response to his vile attacks, Congresswoman Chu will be sending a letter of outrage to Speaker Boehner and released the following statement:

“How dare Rush Limbaugh target Ms. Fluke with his hateful rhetoric? Her actions demonstrate a true profile in courage. His are the acts of an ignorant, hateful man who preys on misinformation and cruelty.

“As is always the case with Rush Limbaugh, facts are his first casualty. Ms. Fluke’s comments had nothing to do with her personal experiences or circumstances. She addressed Congress on behalf of a friend using birth control for non-sexual medical reasons. It had nothing to do with sex. It had nothing to do with Ms. Fluke. Yet Limbaugh delighted in calling her rude and inappropriate names.

“What’s truly sad is the fact that this man thrives on this kind of filth – it’s how he makes his living. While most Americans work hard and want only to have equal access to health insurance as part of their compensation, and while Ms. Fluke wanted only to stand up for those hardworking Americans’ right to equal access to health insurance, Limbaugh wants only to distort the truth for his ditto head audience.

“Where is the outrage from Congressional Republicans? Whether they like it or not, Limbaugh speaks for their party and reflects on their judgment. How can the majority party of this legislative body expect qualified witnesses to testify if such personal attacks are allowed to pass? I urge my colleagues from the other side of the aisle to stand up for what is right, and shoot down this thinly-veiled attempt at character assassination.”

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