April 27, 2015

GOP Christians Aren’t Christian

Man cannot subvert God's plan for America. This election don't vote. Pray.

Insired by Theo’s “Are Republicans Dumb Enough To Nominate Rick Santorum?” and in the spirit of “20 Obvious Lies That Will Shock Conservatives” and the parade of idiots which passes for the GOP’s election, I rip the GOP Christians a new one by showing how they’re not Christian.

Stereotype: GOP Christianslove you truly because they love (or want you to believe in Jesus, either way, same deal, right?).
Truth: Hate mongers attacking blacks and everyone else is your version of standing up for the truth? You can’t do it civilly? Probably not because they’re wrong anyways.

Stereotype: GOP Christians stand up for the truth (note: “the truth” is a term Christians salivate at because it self-reinforces their self-justifying religion).
Truth: Their reply to Rush’s hate speech was to re-frame the issue to the “unfair” “war on women“, re-frame the issue by attacking another woman then even re-attack by saying the First Amendment justifies hate speech (add the usual anti-government riff for women.
Truth: That’s precisely why they don’t respect women, especially one who can think for herself, a true threat to a power-hungry male. Furthermore, GOP Christians would rather women be subservient (empower men (and in that hated zero sum way, subjugate women), the same sort of masocism that their enemies, Muslims. Most frightening, the GOP Christian women perpetuate this lifestyle. Good luck to them.

Stereotype: They care about souls not things of the earth.
Truth: What really matters to Rush and hate speech people like him is their money, specifically advertising revenue. I’m so glad to see dozens of advertisers pull their ads from his show. Only money speaks to them. Never stop punishing them by punishing their money.

Stereotype: GOP Christians are able to be talked to and reasoned with.
Truth: After years of reducing policy down to pithy Twitter-length attacks, this pathetic level of attention span and lowly soundbyte which passes for political discourse is their notion of “a discussion” or “a dialogue”. Last time I checked, though, they love the Bible and it’s inviolable and never to be questioned or reasoned with so I’m thinking that’s also from where they get their intolerance and self-assuring self-justifying attitude in politics.

And on and on. Let’s get real, GOP Christians aren’t Christian. They just want to wave the flag of Jesus like their sworn enemies, Islamist terrorists, wave the flag of Allah. Same deal. Don’t wave “family values” when you can’t even be a decent human being.

– Richard Chen

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