March 27, 2015

Why GOP Christians are Pushy

We know GOP Christians decided Obama’s not a Christian little matter how much proof we pump here, so instead of wasting time doing that, I explore why GOP Christians decided as such. Their religion gives hints:

1. GOP Christians see the world in black vs white.
These folks are literalists, they take the Bible as their primary source and haven’t a care for the notion of intrepretation because they view their intrepretation to be actually the single only right way to view the Bible with all other intrepretations as wrong, misled, flawed, not of God, whatever wording they like to use. Either Obama’s a non-black guy yapping about Jesus’ working his life (ignore intelligence or hard work, education is for non-Republicans, hard work is for everyone “else”) or he’s just not Christian, period.

2. GOP Christians have a way with words that splits the world.
Naturally, a religion requires others be wrong so to split the world into “us” vs “them”. What else could invigorate a man of faith more than to conquer, the whole “soldier of Christ” imagery and language which makes a Christian man feel like twice the man because now he’s got some vision (another word Christians salivate at), some worth, some sense of purpose. If you’re non-Christian, get out. They want to preach to the choir, not everyone else. Either you’re with them or against them, something past conservatives have honed.

3. GOP Christians need to denegrate others because there has to be a particular reason Christians exist.
GOP Christians are self-assuredly (they’ll say their assurance comes from Jesus Christ, but often it’s more in their own heads instead) the (self-)righteous kind who naturally, spiritually seek purpose and when none can be found, religion offers them the reason they exist. Existing in economically depressing areas requires such spiritual resolve and a great many GOP Christians exist in just such areas. For those on the rich end, they still carry the same sense of purpose as they manage the big wig task of screwing over others. Those in between can uneasily adopt both psychologies for an especially uneasy and insecure one that prefers religious comfort.

4. GOP Christians fundamentally preach the Gospels, religiously or politically, better when combined.
Don’t pretty it up, they’re bullies who use religion to (self-)justify their shoving their beliefs on you. The irony is that they’re the least likely to be receptive to others shoving beliefs down their throats, like, oh, rational thought. If we told the fundamentalist how pregnancy works, they’d use the opportunity to remind you how interested in your reproductive health they are because a fetus gives them great purpose in life. Churches train their followers to use any opportunity to preach the Gospels. Likewise, they’ll use an opportunity to preach anything to you, whether religion, politics, or both.

5. The truth always wins … their truth, that is.
Truth is indeed always going to win. Sure, some GOP Christians will hijack that word with their powerfully religious definition, causing them to burn the earth in their frustrated attempt to do so.

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