April 25, 2015

President Obama Speaks at APAICS Gala

Reading the comment thread for President Obama Speaks at the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies Annual Gala shows a litany of racist and hateful remarks. The same reason GOP Christians hate you is the same reason these tolls and grown-up kids hate you: Jesus or political affiliation gives them justification for their personal flaws. They’re too uneducated or flawed to realize higher human values like, well, not using hate speech.

Racists and haters as such wave Jesus or some political affiliation (seems to be mostly Ron Paul supporters, especially people loud online) to justify their personal flaws, but when you’re a racist hateful wicked person, neither Jesus nor a political party will save you from yourself (or Damnation, if that’s your cup of tea). Good riddens to such filth, may they never rule this nation.

“The only thing needed for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Vote down racist comments. No moral quietness, people.

– Richard Chen

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