April 18, 2015

Justice for Diane Tran Update 2

Editor’s Note: Previous posts in this thread are at “Justice for Diane Tran” and “Justice for Diane Tran Update”.

idiot judge has dropped the remaining contempt charge on Diane Tran’s record. My first thought is thank goodness followed by incredulousness at the plight of those who get sentenced unjustly without the aid of those like us. Other issues include how this issue of work causing truancy is everywhere and how racial overtones in this may have helped Idiot Judge Lanny Moriarty to have specifically used her to “make an example” or how the school was a failure in helping her as I’d expect a school in Texas to do with all their conservative politics (letter of law, not spirit of law, reflecting Texas’ typical lack of education thus thinking) & attitudes. Too bad his statement is full of political filth that reeks of the usual political overtones (note that in many places like Texas, you get publically elected into the Justice of the Peace and are not put into it by credibility or compitence, as you can clearly tell with this particular judge. Miscarriage of justice, unsurprising for a justice of the peace. Thanks to the excellent criminal attorney Brian Wice for reaching an agreement with the judge.

We note also that HelpDianeTran.com is run by neither Tran nor her legal counsel and that Louisiana Children’s Education Alliance is in charge of the such fund. The fund is now closed to donations so we’ll monitor what happens to the money. Feel free to send Diane Tran letter.


  1. Maybe I missed it in reading all the articles, but where are the truant parents?

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