March 1, 2015

The road to success doesn’t end here


When Rob Bonta first sat down with his family to discuss running for the State Assembly, the young democrat knew that conjuring up such a crazy decision would be very difficult to defend. What started as one man’s vision to continue improving the lives of his district has taken a life on its own, and along with it, brought forth together the dreams and the hope of a community. We’ve championed Rob Bonta into our shoulders just as he has taken the enormous weight of running as a candidate to represent Oakland, Alameda and San Leandro.


The humble beginnings of our campaign traces its roots from the dinner table at the Bonta’s, where Rob found a way to convince his entire family of this challenging undertaking. Just as it takes a whole community to raise a child, it takes a network of communities with an underlying goal to raise a successful campaign and help elect a prospective leader who will not only bring forth change, but also embody our views to the table of power. There is no cliché in the belief that with great power comes great responsibility. Rob Bonta does not have super human powers. But even without superman’s physical prowess, Rob bears a heart that listens and a steady resolve that is maintained by his belief in improving the lives of people.


Today, I hope you can find a glimpse of what we had as a simple celebration last Tuesday to commemorate our hard-earned victory in the Assembly Primary for District 18. Friends, families, supporters and a few public servants and politicians visited our campaign office at Frank Ogawa Plaza last Tuesday night to share with the festivities, congratulating our team effort, but also bolstering our confidence of translating this victory to the polls in November. What we had that night was a family celebration- a time of which light food coupled with laughter and the sweet sense of victory after all our sacrifices paid off. Rob was of course, the highlight of our evening, but it was Jim Oddie, one of Rob’s best friends and strongest supporters, who gave the thankful speech, enumerating the short stories of every volunteer and helper at that room that gathered our hearts and melted it even more. We celebrate with our work, but we remember the sacrifices of every day that we worked hard to achieve this victory.


Now begins a new phase of our campaign. What started with a dream and a vision now rests on a promise that we, along side Rob Bonta, will continue working hard to elect the new Filipino-American Assembly Member of California. What we now look forward to is a week of resting and rejuvenating, but to also, plan and map out how to best utilize our campaign and translate our support into November. We will now look forward to achieving more local and state-wide endorsements and continue an array of fund-raising efforts. While we rest our weary feet from door-to-door canvassing for a few weeks and our phones from phonebanking, we will continue to spread Rob’s campaign into community events and re-establish a base of supporters for November. As a staff member for Rob, I will be responsible in partaking in these events, and utilizing my camera and social media to record and distribute updates from Rob these upcoming months.


Please continue listening for the updates from our campaign. I will also be updating in regards to some key races in Norther California featuring Asian Pacific Islander community leaders in other Assembly Districts. For now, we will be enjoying our victory in our preparation for the hard work ahead of us.



  1. Richard Chen says:

    Bonta’s campaign’s spirit is precisely the kind of politics that inspires us and all and makes this nation great. Please support his campaign and all others like it in this election year and all years.

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