April 26, 2015

John Liu- NYC Mayor 2013?

Editor’s Note: Welcome our newest staff writer, Thomas Tsang!

Taiwanese born John C. Liu (劉醇逸), current Comptroller of New York City, is scheduled to run for mayor of NYC in 2013, with current mayor Michael Bloomberg’s term expiring then. In 2009, he became the first Asian-American to be elected to a city-wide office in New York City and once he announced his run for mayor, he soon had the backing of the many Asian-American communities around the five boroughs, becoming a real fan favorite.

However in 2011, investigators found numerous fundraising irregularities and several donor inconsistencies in Liu’s campaigns, and in November 2011, one of Liu’s fundraisers, Oliver Pan (潘心武) was arrested on charges of wire fraud from illegal donations; in February 2012, Treasurer  Jenny (Jia) Hou was charged with using sneaky straw donors to avoid campaign finance laws and gain more matching funds from taxpayers.

In short, Liu’s mayoral campaign has been dogged by  federal investigations of alleged conspiracies in his campaign fund-raising. Yet, the Chinese community insists that Liu is being framed. Liu, who once was viewed in the public eye as a genuine and possible solid replacement of Michael Bloomberg is now seen as a dishonest fraud in the eyes of many after two employee arrests. Although Liu has never been formally charged himself, it’s clear that he is becoming less likely to replace Bloomberg- Liu even acknolwedged himself that he probably won’t replace Bloomberg! But hey, since Liu is Chinese, it always leaves the door open for discrimnation against Liu, right? Let’s face it, nobody likes a fraud, especially when that person is going to be in charge of the city with 11 million people. He’s done a fine job as comptroller…Too bad I actually thought Liu would be the next Asian sensation to be in Manhattan.


  1. Richard Chen says:

    The dirty politics are very unfortunate as they are questionably legitimate & if not, then unnecessarily distract from Liu’s important work as comptroller, NYC’s 2nd most powerful elected position.

  2. Lindors Revlon says:

    John Liu is not to be discounted out of 2013. This is by no stretch of the imagination a hit job on John for going after all the waste in government contracting that Bloomberg has doled out as mayor. The average New Yorker knows this. He still is loved by many communities of color and that is not be sneezed at or dismissed. As an African American, I see more of John Liu in my community than any other Mayoral candidates. All the things that he is doing AS Comptroller, is what this city needs and cheers. I am somewhat perplexed at how easy the Asian community is about throwing one of their own under a bus?

    • Richard Chen says:

      We’re not “throwing him under a bus” as much as giving the legal process the opportunity to acquit him. Our defense of him is more prosaic and less militant.

    • ttsang0 says:

      I would just like to reiterate Richard’s point-

      We aren’t “throwing him under the bus”. In fact, the Asian American community is still extremely supportive of him. However, in light of the recent allegations and charges of his employees, I am just saying that his changes do not look as good as they did before all these allegations/charges came up.

  3. Stephanie Wright says:

    How do I sign up for the Liu mayoral campaign? I can’t find a thing online. I called the Comptroller’s office and they actually referred me to 311 (which of course couldn’t help me)!! I LOVE Liu and want to work for his election uptown here in Harlem and in Washington Heights. SIGN ME UP!!!!!

  4. Merrie Melman says:

    Dear John Liu,
    I am shocked that you are looking into changing the entrance criteria for the specialized high schools. The test is fair and open to all students of all backgrounds. As the proud Mom of two Stuyvesant graduates I am very disappointed in your misguided decision. As a parent that helped out at the school I came into contact with many first generation immigrant parents that worked many hours so that their children could achieve. Please rethink your position. The results of the test reflect years of hard work and study. The students
    make the school, the school does not make the students.

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