March 31, 2015

The “I built that” mentality ignores reality

How do folks reconcile the “I built that” mentality with the rock hard wall of reality? Americans for Prosperity held a cheap gas stunt today in Reno, Nevada. Of course, folks who went didn’t care who was offering the gas, just that they could save some fuel money.

More importantly, the gas station owner displayed a dismaying disconnect between reality and his impetus for being mad at the president:

From the Las Vegas Sun:

Mark Miller, whose family owns the gas station where Americans for Prosperity held its event, said he doesn’t blame Obama for the high gas prices, either. But he does disagree with his policies and he was viscerally angry at Obama’s implication that business owners rely on government infrastructure and programs to be successful.

If these roads weren’t here, would this gas station have just organically appeared?” Miller said. “Would the $1.8 million in start-up costs just have appeared? I didn’t see the government here when I was covering the 2 a.m. shift.”

While the above was bolded for emphasis, I think that line is striking. Striking in its willful denial that if the government hadn’t built roads, his gas station would be a lot less well trafficked if it was off in a remote desert. Perhaps he didn’t see the cops patrolling his neighborhood at 2am, helping to keep his gas station safe.

I can understand the pride and hard work that goes into building a business, but let’s give credit where it’s due. Many factors go into success, and the government and the public infrastructure help to build traffic to businesses’ front doors. Particularly gas stations.



  1. Richard Chen says:

    Such oversimplifications & spin are classic fodder for low-IQ people such as those. Very unfortunate.

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