April 21, 2015

Have You Voted Yet?

Have you voted yet?  A record number of Americans will be voting in this Presidential election by mail (though not online, but that’s an entirely different subject).  I just got my mail ballot a couple days ago, and will probably shoot it out by next weekend.

Like it or not, vote-by-mail is here to stay.  On the plus side, voting by mail saves cities and states a lot of money, and is quite convenient:  you don’t have to deal with lines, and you study up on the issues and candidates at home.  On the minus side, if you make a mistake, your vote might not be counted.  In contract, many voting machines these day “spit out” ballots if a voter has made a mistake.

How will vote-by-mail affect the Presidential election?  It all depends.  It looks like the Obama campaign’s on the ball, but we’ll only know for sure on November 6.

Meanwhile, go vote!

— Gautam Dutta

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