April 28, 2015

Trial by Storm

Leaders rise to the occasion.  After Sandy devastated New Jersey and New York, President Obama took precious time off campaigning to make sure that help was on its way.

And that was the right thing to do.  Even New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who had lit into Obama’s record at the Republican convention, had effusive words of praise for our President.

Not coincidentally, Obama has risen in the polls — because voters reward leadership.

Tragedies can bring out both the best and worst in us.  By helping those in need, President Obama has reinvigorated the spirit of sharing and giving.

— Gautam Dutta


  1. Richard Chen says:

    As a lifelong NJ resident, I am so very proud of both and the elected officials in NY and CT and MD and many other locales for stepping up to the plate, working so hard and so long and so cooperatively in our time of need. Many remain in need & this is exactly how government should work. I am very proud of our nations’ leaders and our citizens both.

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