April 26, 2015

Tuesday’s numbers show Rob Bonta’s lead in CA State Assembly seat for District 18

Rob Bonta is aiming to be the first Filipino-American Assembly member in the state of California.

As reported by the Piedmont Patch:

Alameda vice mayor Rob Bonta may soon be elected the new representative for the 18th Assembly District on Tuesday night.

This district includes San Leandro and Alameda with the largest bloc of voters living in Oakland.

Bonta got 50.79 percent of the vote, narrowly beating Abel Guillen, a trustee of the Peralta Community College District, who got 49.21 percent of the ballots as of last night. However, many uncounted ballots remain, such as absentees dropped off in person. The race could be tight enough to shift.

There was no incumbent in the race. The district was newly drawn after the 2010 census. It was also among the first contests in California to test the top-two primary system, in which the two highest vote getters, regardless of party, run off in the November election.

As a result, Bonta and Guillen, both Democrats, continue to run in a tight race. A total of 98,498 votes were cast so far. Bonta received just 1,558 more votes than Guillen.

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