April 28, 2015

Christian Ignorance

One of the billion reactions to today’s sickening news, I skip that Huckabee junk which is self-explainatory & focus on what feces my Christian friends have been throwing into the instantly reignited debate over gun policy.

One said evil will always reign & that means whether gun policy or not won’t really matter. While evil will always be around in some form, that argument doesn’t preclude more intelligent gun policy. That assumes guns are equivalents of knives which is a medieval, unintelligenced & primitive thought. We can do better as human beings. Lack of thought is why the US is primitive. I prefer to leave such uneducated, unintelligent & unthinking people behind as their ignorance & simplistic thought literally threatens us all, allowing killing. They practice the same kind of fearmongering and ignorance that permeates both their religion and their politics. Dispicable.

Such people probably enjoy the American exceptionalism as they think we should always be exceptional from religious fervor to standards system to gun-loving fanaticism, but I don’t care for their grabbing for identity & wish they’d just stick to their religion instead of others topics like politics. More guns, more deaths. Even a homeschooled Christian kid can understand that right? They practice the same kind of divisiveness that their religion promotes (with Jesus or Hellbound is their worldview) and their politics. Dispicable.

Other went the good old evil is always here so let’s love route which sounds cute until you read such articles and realize it’s just another excuse to prosyletize. Excuse me, but that smacks of extreme insensitivity when you use an opportune moment to shove one’s beliefs onto temporarily weak others, though this favored technique has worked well for Christians, inviting crazies who’ll take evangelicalism to the next level of fervor and adherent loyalty. They practice the same kind of blind thoughtless loyalty that permeates both their religion and their politics (that, to the GOP). Dispicable.

Then there were those who went to defend their hunting rifles and being weekend warriors with their weapons because they live in areas where that’s the highest form of recreation. If that’s your gig, great, just don’t let your personal persuits force dumb, imprecise, lethal-promoting policy. They practice the same kind of shoving their beliefs down others throats in both their religion and their politics. Discpicable, again.

You can see why progressivism, the blend of politics which our blog’s parent, the AAA-Fund organization, daily works to support & advance. I don’t think that our work here at the blog which is meant to advance the parent organization’s work, is merely theoretical, hopeful or remote. It has very real implications & I think that is what I can add to the flood of reactions on this very difficult day.

On a personal note, God bless the souls of the lost. As Obama’s quoted press briefing yesterday:

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Ps 34:18

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