April 28, 2015

Congressman-elect Mark Takano Statement Denouncing Congressman Gohmert’s Call to Arm Teachers in Wake of Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Editor’s Note: Mark Takano is an endorsed candidate as the Congressman-elect of CA’s 41st Congressional district.”


Riverside, CA – Congressman-elect Mark Takano, a teacher for nearly 25 years, issued the following statement denouncing Congressman Louie Gohmert’s call to arm teachers and school administrators following the horrific events in Newtown, CT:

“As someone who has been a teacher for more than two decades, I’m appalled by the recent comments of Congressman Louie Gohmert, who suggested that arming teachers and school administrators on campuses could stop school shootings.

Our schools should be safe, positive environments and having guns under teacher’s desks or in closets not only sends the wrong message to our children, but puts their lives in danger the minute they enter school grounds, as every child would become a potential victim of a gun accident.

We should be teaching our children that gun violence is never a way to settle differences and does not solve problems.”


CONTACT: R. Kirk McPike, (214) 578-8006


  1. Richard Chen says:

    Gohmert’s kind of extremism and simple-minded soundbyting is literally dangerous. He cannot be allowed to win his next election.

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