April 18, 2015

Speaker Boehner: Lead or Leave

A bizarre drama is unfolding on Capitol Hill.  President Obama and GOP Speaker John Boehner were reportedly close to a budget deal, but was forced to scuttle the deal when his Tea Party-dominated House delegation revolted.

So what happens next?  It really depends on Boehner.  If he really cares about what’s best for the country, he’ll cut a deal with President Obama.  Even if Boehner can’t get most of his GOP members to agree, he can pass a budget deal – by working together (for a change) with the House Democrats.

Word on the street is that Boehner is worried that he’ll lose his speakership if he cuts a deal with Obama.

So will Speaker Boehner lead or leave?  We’ll find out shortly.

— Gautam Dutta

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