April 19, 2015

National Grieving Ends

jesus with gun as idolatry

What would Jesus say to the NRA? That article already writes more eloquently than I about that question and answer, so I add reflection on how far religion and politics, often the same thing, has gone from what might’ve been its original intent & message.

It’s obvious pro-gun folks, like their conservative bretheren, are closed to debate, self-justifying, extremist, ideological, forceful (pushiness is needed in evangelicizing), vindictive & narrow-minded. I already said in a past post how many of these traits are those of evangelical Christians & other similar types who use religion to justify their personal flaws.

Since the aforementioned article is so gentle about poo-pooing the pro-gun folks, I’ll use a more barbed approach by throwing the onre onto the evangelicals:

  • you “save lives” by arguing about fetuses then ignore their being shot? are you a hypocrite? nice
  • you spread your message all around the world yet the world laughs at your gun-loving culture which, in case you never traveled outside the US except to do a short-term missions (which was more for you than for others, but we won’t get into that here), all prefer gun control because they’re not just industrialized but civilized; so much for exceptionalism as good; are you a hypocrite? nice
  • you tithe 10% (a membership fee, not charity) yet did you ever think about if we didn’t spend on war like a porn addict does on porn, we might just generate more funds for social good than war? you want to talk values, how about that one? are you a hypocrite? nice
  • you yelp God is the only answer (and not, say, doctors, actual laws, stuff like that) yet want the government to force your own narrow beliefs on others? are you a hypocrite? nice
  • you claim the New Testament is what makes you so different from the Jews yet love that Old Testament violence, especially the eye for an eye part? are you a hypocrite? nice
  • you claim love yet a week after Newtown, did you already forget, practicing bullshit national grieving? are you a hypocrite? nice

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