April 26, 2015

Anti-Asian violence recap

Warning, this article and its links contain disturbing and graphic content.

It all started with the killing of an Asian man with the graphic New York Post cover (interestingly, from an Asian photographer) by a mentally ill man. Not only was it shameless New York tabloid fodder that set a new low in an already low industry desperate for readership, but they couldn’t even give the wife’s and daughter’s funeral privacy.

A week later, a mentally ill woman shoved an Asian man onto another set of New York City subway tracks. Caulk her up to a toxic result of political, religious and ethic hate. That topic deserves its own post about political extremism feeding the already pliable and paranoid tendencies of the mentally ill.

Last week in Philadelphia’s Chinatown, a mentally ill robber assaulted, robbed then threw a woman onto the subway tracks. No identity of the victim, yet.

In that same city today, Dr. Melissa Ketunti, a half Thai female pediatrician, was found duct taped, bound and burned to death in her own home’s basement.

One has to wonder how much other anti-Asian violence is out there without all this high-profile publicity. Very sickening. Publicize for the sake of justice.


  1. Diane Kay says:

    I am making comment because my heart aches due to the hatred in this world, the anger that people have toward others for no good reason.
    This last brutal crime has sicken me, the murder of Dr Melissa Ketunuti.
    She had so much to give to this world, she gave her whole young life to save children from dying & becoming sick.
    Her killer is not only a murderer he is a thief. His anger was more important to him then her life.
    Shame on you Jason Smith, I hope you go to jail for the rest of your miserable life. Try to do that to the guys in jail, see what happens to you.

    I an not an Asian, I am a caucasian female 74 y/o. Who has lived long enough to see that we in America are in trouble & we need to do something. I wish I knew what to do.

    Please give suggestions on how I can support for improvement, change or whatever. Diane

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