April 19, 2015

Republicans try to rebrand as not the party of hate and exclusion

Well, the GOP leaders have met and spoken. They have decided to try to avoid the topic of rape and how they sound when discussing “legitimate” versions of rape (oh, wait but New Mexico GOP legislators just introduced a bill to prohibit victims of rape and incest fro getting abortions.) They also decided that they needed to sound less like “angry white men.”

From yahoo news:

First, they said Republicans must work on improving their tone when taking their ideas to the American people. For example, when discussing immigration, maybe presidential candidates should avoid phrases like “self-deportation” (Mitt Romney) and “anchor babies” (Michele Bachmann).

Henry Barbour said some in the party can appear “hostile” to certain constituencies with the rhetoric they use. The party must increase communication training for candidates, he said.

“There are certainly too many times when we’ve had candidates who have come across as hostile, and that’s not really helpful when you’re trying to win elections,” Barbour said.

Robert Bennett, chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, was even more blunt.

“We need to understand that we can’t come off as a bunch of angry white men,” he said.

Good luck with that one, gents.


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