April 19, 2015

Religion & Politics Don’t Mix

I’ve written for years about how the polarizing culture of politics has a dual-direction relationship with GOP Chritians. The article “The coming evangelical collapse” succinctly summarizes my very same view.

To repeat what’s been forgotten, polarizing is bad for religion & politics because:

  1. with us or against us attitude causes lack of debate, personal attacks, demonizing dissenting viewpoints, lower quality of rhetoric/soundbyting, binary logic; if you want medieval attitudes of conservatism, keep it in your church and out of the halls of our national elected leadership
  2. preaching to the choir: the polarization does what its own definition means: splits, segregates and divides; conservative types use religion and politics as justifications for their personal flaws especially including racism; they don’t want to spread the word as much as to force their beliefs down your throat
  3. emphasizing the fire, the heated anger, the hot personal attacks disables one from credibly defending either the policy (not the politics) or the faith; you don’t need many more YouTube videos of fiery evangelicals unable to explain their own religion or GOP Christians unable to article their own party’s policy (whether Tea Party or GOP, doesn’t matter, equally confusing for the uneducated incurious mind)

Are these not worrisome? Lack of comments suggests so. Are we that unthinking?

– Richard Chen

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