April 19, 2015

Asian American Cultural Politics Across Platforms

Editor’s Note: The below is from our friends at Amerasia Journal, a journal of the UCLA AASC.

Asian American Cultural Politics Across Platforms

Guest Editors:
Professor Victor Bascara (UCLA) and Professor Lisa Nakamura (University of Michigan)

Publication Date:
Summer 2014

Due Date:
Paper submissions (up to 5,000 words) due July 1, 2013.

CFP Available Online:


This special issue focuses on the relationship between technology, new social movements, and Asian American cultural politics. One of the central early insights of cultural studies has been the recognition of cultural politics beyond aesthetic culture, narrowly understood. While literature has long been turned to for symptomatic readings, a growing body of recent work in Asian American cultural studies has read everything from visual art, new/old media, music, dance, and performance to legal and political discourse, the spectacle of bodies in protest, infrastructures of deindustrialized cities, and diasporic networks that have emerged under neoliberal globalization.

This special issue seeks papers of approximately 5,000 words in length that examine the diverse and platform-crossing manifestations of Asian American cultural politics. We especially welcome interdisciplinary and teachable writings that appreciate the significance of platform-crossing cultural production to adopt for courses ranging from literary studies to communications to performance to film and popular culture as well as Asian American Studies and Ethnic Studies. The deadline for submission is July 1, 2013.

Submission Guidelines:
The review process involves the following steps. The guest editors, in consultation with the Amerasia Journal editors and peer reviewers, make decisions on the final essays:

  • Initial review of submitted papers by guest editors and Amerasia Journal editorial staff
  • Papers approved by editors will undergo blind peer review
  • Revision of accepted peer-reviewed papers and final submission

Please send papers and correspondence to Arnold Pan, Associate Editor, Amerasia Journal at arnoldpan@ucla.edu, by July 1, 2013.

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