April 28, 2015

Should Immigrants Have the Right to Vote?

Should you have to be a US citizen to be able to vote?

NYC is now considering allowing any resident to vote if he or she”s been living in the US legally for over 6 months.

What do you think?   My view:  because they have established ties to the community, it makes sense to allow committed, long-term immigrants (i.e., greencard holders) to vote in local elections, but we should be careful about going further than that.

— Gautam Dutta


  1. Richard Chen says:

    Terribly controversial & tricky but given a cursory thought, it opens the door to the basic larger question of who gets to vote at all. Luckily, city elections are more liable to respond to the needs of its citizens who may not all meet the customary citizenry credentials so this change will more accurately reflect the electorate.

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