2017 Women’s March on Washington

Editor’s Note: This is a repost of our friend Irene Natividad’s “Women’s March on Washington“.

2017 Women's March on Washington
Irene Navitad and Gloria Steinem at the Women's March on Washington

Our friend Irene Natividad, a recognized leader for American women and AAPI and President of GlobeWomen (the Global Summit of Women of GlobeWomen Research & Education Institute), among many other roles, personally invites our readers and organizational supporters and allies to attend the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday, 10:00 am, January 21, 2017 starting at Independence Avenue and 3rd St SW (Google Maps) near the U.S. Capitol and will end at a location tbd (to be determined). The closest MetroRail station is Federal Center Metro Station on Orange and Blue lines:

  • From Largo and New Carrollton, the stop before Federal Center is Capitol South.
  • From Franconia Springfield and Vienna, the stop before Federal Center is L’Enfant Plaza.
  • From the green and yellow lines, you can switch to the orange or blue Line at the L’Enfant Plaza metro.
  • From the red Line, you can switch to the blue or orange line at Metro Center.

Globewomen and AAPI participants can register for free. Read more here.

We’ll update this post with the program featuring nationally recognized advocates, artists, entertainers, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, et al. It’ll be a lot of fun, organizing, and advancement, so please attend.

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