AAPI Activism Training – Introductions

AAAFund Activist Training

Good morning! AAAFund is here at the Democratic National Convention – Day 2. Today it’s the AAPI Activist Training. We live-blog from the convention.

Our very own Caroline Fan is speaking, and sharing her story. She talks about growing up in Chicago and never seeing Asian Americans in politics and how that inspired her to community organizing. Proud accomplishments have been bringing congressmen and congresswomen into Chicago.

Glen Fukushima of CAPA21 Action Fund (@capa21action) & CAPA21 PAC (@capa21pac) talked about the need to bring AAPI into progressive politics. The goal has been to support AAPI candidates and expanding from an original home base in California and Hawaii.

Shekar Narasimhan of AAPI Victory Fund (@AAPIVictoryFund) sees 6 swing states where AAPIs can make a difference: Nevada, Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida. Between 2%-11% of these states are AAPI but are under-registered and under-voting. What if we took a significant amount of money and mobilized these voters? How many voters could we mobilize? If we increase registration by 5% and turnout by 2% that could 50,000 votes. Many seats in these swing states are determined by significantly less than 50,000 votes. People want to get engaged – whether it is volunteering or writing a check or canvassing. We want to help them stay engaged. We aren’t about duplicating supporting candidates, we want to build an active voter base.

Comment below about how you’ll use these insights in your Election participation. Now onto our next speaker.

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