Tuesday’s numbers show Rob Bonta’s lead in CA State Assembly seat for District 18

Rob Bonta is aiming to be the first Filipino-American Assembly member in the state of California.

As reported by the Piedmont Patch:

Alameda vice mayor Rob Bonta may soon be elected the new representative for the 18th Assembly District on Tuesday night.

This district includes San Leandro and Alameda with the largest bloc of voters living in Oakland.

Bonta got 50.79 percent of the vote, narrowly beating Abel Guillen, a trustee of the Peralta Community College District, who got 49.21 percent of the ballots as of last night. However, many uncounted ballots remain, such as absentees dropped off in person. The race could be tight enough to shift.

There was no incumbent in the race. The district was newly drawn after the 2010 census. It was also among the first contests in California to test the top-two primary system, in which the two highest vote getters, regardless of party, run off in the November election.

As a result, Bonta and Guillen, both Democrats, continue to run in a tight race. A total of 98,498 votes were cast so far. Bonta received just 1,558 more votes than Guillen.

Public Radio International’s The World presents a mixed view on their article on Filipino Americans Jennifer Ong and Rob Bonta


Recently, we’ve been introduced to the article of Jason Margolis of PRI’s The World, a global perspective read by American audiences. His story focuses on the Filipino American attempt of shedding what he saw was a disparity in their identity, from one which he describes as the “invisible minority,” to that of the Filipino American population that has been able to, or at least try to, make waves within the political sphere.

While the author recognizes the work of two current candidates, AAA-Fund-endorsed Rob Bonta and Dr. Jennifer Ong, of neighboring districts respectively, the candid approach of Mr. Margolis to idealize our political strides as the only way for Filipino Americans to be involved within the community is a little bit displeasing. While I truly agree that Rob and Jennifer are generating waves of change for our Filipino communities by possibly representing the first Filipino Americans in CA State Legislature, the article does present a small undermined sense that generations of Filipinos who have paved the way for these two candidates are not considered nor remembered. While Dr. Ong’s comments present a much more positive limelight, the article nixes Rob’s strong commitment to Filipinos and the AAPI community, sighting a seemingly misconstrued view that his campaign doesn’t focus on this historic moment for Filipinos.

As a strong supporter of Rob and his ethics, this abrupt lack of understanding at where he is coming from in his District 18 campaign is a bit of a shocker. While I don’t blame Mr. Margolis for his writing, I would like to defend Rob’s dedication to our communities and further tell our community members of the great lengths in which he has gone to defend the rights of AAPIs, especially Filipinos in gaining political and legal access as an attorney and a Vice Mayor of Alameda. His family has long worked with Filipino immigrants, creating programming that caters to our community needs, highlighting civic engagement as their goal, and arming Filipinos the understanding of how government works. While Mr. Margolis is indeed accurate of the stigma that Filipinos may have of politics from the skewed state of how our Philippine government may be working on, we can’t disregard the years of sacrifice and work Rob Bonta’s family has done through out the years before he even came close to running in public office.

So respectfully, I thank Mr. Margolis for allowing his readers to see what Rob Bonta and Jennifer Ong have been working on for the benefits of Filipinos, but I would also respectfully incline him to see the work that Rob has done far beyond the promises of his campaign. For actions speak louder than campaign rhetoric. Dr. Ong’s work is extraordinary. Rob’s work is unparalleled. But I believe that our candidates are far more than just their promises, but more so on their actions. So for us to shed our “invisible minority,” whatever that may entail, we must recognize the works of community leaders before the two standing in front of us now, celebrate the accomplishments of yesterday before we can even fathom at the opportunity of changing tomorrow.

— Jofil Borja

Rob Bonta endorsed by California Democratic Party for the November Election

One of Rob’s biggest endorsements came recently in the form of the California Democratic Party, with members of the Party voting with high confidence for Rob’s campaign. This is great news for the supporters of our efforts, and for District 18, as party leaders and former political figures have begun to strongly support Rob Bonta. But this isn’t an automatic victory for us. We still have to continue building our base- and with the November general election coming in with the storm of the Presidential election, we’re hoping to reach far larger numbers than the primaries.

 UPDATE: Rob Bonta has been endorsed by current Assembly Member Sandre Swanson, who will be terming out of service as the current assembly member for most of the district.

Quick updates…campaigning still goes on!

With more than a month since the thrilling end of last June’s California Assembly Primaries, many of the top two candidates and their campaigns head into the upcoming months with breathing rooms in their schedules. But while the phone lines and the precinct walks have taken a small break in between voting season, the candidates are steadily reforming their roots, and even though mobilization has dramatically slowed its pace, the campaigning still continues through fundraising efforts, and outreaches to receive nominations and endorsements.
Rob Bonta and the staff have continued to raise awareness and establish relationships with constituents through a series of events since June’s primary. We thanked our volunteers and voters and celebrated their efforts last month, and thoroughly asking them for continued patience and stronger support this November. While our calendar wasn’t as hectic as before (as of right now at least,) we still keep a busy schedule of meetings, fundraising dinners, and presentations to continue the dialogue and invite more people into supporting Rob’s efforts. We’ve since received a number of endorsements from key leaders in the Democratic Party, state leaders as well as local and state-wide organizations and community groups.
I’ve also followed Dr. Jennifer Ong’s campaign throughout their momentous rally last June. Dr. Ong continued her fundraising efforts last month, but also focused on community-wide events, connecting to her constituents. We continue to see her campaign’s growth, and hope for the best. If she wins, she will be the first Filipina-American Assembly member.

Please check out RobBonta.com to see an updated list of supporters and endorsements!

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