Fantasy Cabinet: 2017 Republican Edition

Just imagine what the Executive Branch could look like come February 2017

President Donald Trump
Vice President Mike Pence
State Newt Gingrich
Defense Jeff Sessions
Attorney General Kris Kobach
Treasury Donald Trump, Jr.
Homeland Security Joe Arpaio
Energy Rick Perry
Health and Human Services Rick Scott
Commerce Carl Icahn
Labor Scott Walker
Transportation Chris Christie
Education Paul LePage
Agriculture Ben Carson
Interior Eric Trump
Housing and Urban Development Ivanka Trump
Veterans Affairs Duncan Hunter
Environmental Protection Agency Sarah Palin
National Security Advisor Joseph Kellogg
Office of Management and Budget Sam Brownback
Trade Representative Carter Page
UN Ambassador Alex Jones

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– Justin Gillenwater

2016 Texas Democratic Party Convention. Day 0

The 2016 Texas Democratic Party Convention begins tomorrow. The requisite kickoff parties are underway, but the exciting bits don’t begin until we greet the sun again. We will see how the first state Democratic party convention will function after Bernie Sanders shifted his highly impressive campaign from running against AAA-Fund endorsee and presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to seeking policy changes within the Democratic party. We will see speeches from, among others, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, Housing and Urban Development Secretary and rumored potential running mate Julian Castro, and High School Democrats Executive Vice Chair Liana Wang. Perhaps most exciting of all, we will see the election of an Asian American at-large DNC committee member.

Several qualified, very hard-working Democrats are seeking election to this new seat, and there’s one candidate who I see as the clear choice — Benjamin Chou. I’ve known Chou for years; we worked together on a non-profit board. You don’t have to take my word for it. Chou has endorsements from many notable Democrats including Nick Chu, Martin O’Malley, and, perhaps most importantly, Bel Leong-Hong. Chou is an incredible young man from Sugar Land who has worked with CAPAC and in Nancy Pelosi’s office. Young Asian American LGBT DNC member from Texas sure sounds like a way to send a message to Trump and his ilk. Chou wants to be that message and he will work in his capacity in the DNC to end the super delegate system, unify the party, make Texas a swing state, and push for paid campaign fellowships. Chou the vote!

– Justin Gillenwater

Post Show and Tell

Dr. Ken, ABC’s new sitcom starring Ken Jeong, premiered tonight on ABC. Dr. Ken is ABC’s fourth Asian American sitcom after the groundbreaking Mr. T and Tina, All-American Girl, Fresh Off The Boat. Dr. Ken is breaking ground of its own. Ken Jeong’s character is 2nd generation and Suzy Nakamura‘s character (Ken’s TV wife) is 3rd generation, making the kids the first kids beyond 2nd generation in an Asian American sitcom. Dr. Ken is also the first Asian American sitcom set in the 21st century.

Critics’ reviews before air are mixed at best. Arthur Chu wants Jeong to be let loose. I don’t disagree.

If you haven’t seen Dr. Ken, I suggest giving it a watch. The pilot episode starts slow but grows increasingly funny as the episode goes on. I, for one, am looking forward to next week’s episode.

If you saw Dr. Ken and were disappointed, keep watching. It gets better:

But wait there’s more!

Shortly after Dr. Ken’s premiere came the unveiling of a secret project — Post Show and Tell. Created by the beloved 8asians Editor-In Chief Jocelyn “Joz” Wong, Post Show and Tell is the official unofficial after show for Dr. Ken. Post Show and Tell will treat viewers to Dr. Ken behind the scenes exclusives and special appearances from Dr. Ken cast and crew. Post Show and Tell will also feature your questions! To ask a question, put your question in a comment on Post Show and Tell’s YouTube channel or tweet your questions to @PostShowAndTell.

The first Post Show and Tell features Ken Jeong, the star of Dr. Ken, and Krista Marie Yu, the brilliant young actress who plays Dr. Ken’s daughter:

Did you enjoy Dr. Ken? Did you enjoy Post Show and Tell? Let us know!

– Justin Gillenwater

In Mike We Trust

Ed. note This Op-Ed by Kal Penn appeared in the May 10 edition of India Abroad

I first worked with Congressman Mike Honda when I was a White House aide to President Obama, working on issues related to young Americans and the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. In a sea of chaos that is Congress, it was always refreshing to see Mike go to bat for his constituents, and to join the President in standing up for young people and community members in a way that most members of Congress did not.

Having worked alongside Mike in both policy and politics, I am proud to endorse him for his re-election to Congress in 2014. Washington, DC, can be sort of a crazy place. To many of us, it’s unfathomable that there is opposition to commonsense issues like access to health care, comprehensive immigration reform, and education. And we often look to our leaders to see how they intend to engage on those issues we care about.

As the Congressman representing the innovative spirit and drive of Silicon Valley, as chair of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus for an unprecedented seven years, and now as chair emeritus; as a member of the powerful Appropriations Committee, it’s rare and refreshing that Mike really moves and lives by the conviction that every one of us deserve an opportunity and a voice.

As a young person, that kind of leadership was refreshing to see.

On health care, Mike and CAPAC worked with the Congressional Black and Hispanic caucuses to include critical provisions that tackled health disparities in the President’s final historic health- care reform legislation of 2009.

On immigration, over the previous three Congresses as chair, and now as chair of CAPAC’s Immigration Task Force, Mike has led the constant drumbeat to pass a comprehensive immigration reform that leaves no one behind. He believes in an immigration system that is inclusive, family- based and humane, and invests in America’s future.

On education, he worked to dispel the model minority myth, and to push for greater resources flowing to colleges and universities that serve underserved Asian American and Pacific Islander students.

Mike’s record speaks volumes to his character. He has continued to push for issues that are critical, regardless of whether there is existing political appetite for it amongst his peers in Congress; essentially, he has helped to create the tenable space for much of the action we have seen.

His advocacy for social justice and serving communities that do not have a voice is unparalleled. Mike grew up behind barbed wire in a Japanese-American internment camp, even as his father served in the United States Military Intelligence Service during World War II.

As a young boy, he learned that being Japanese carried a negative connotation in America. But he knows that the reason Japanese Americans were unjustly and illtreated was because no one in Washington said no.

Today, Mike continues to be an unwavering opponent of hate speech and bullying perpetrated against all communities, regardless of creed, race, gender, sexuality, disability, country of origin, and immigration status.

Mike has been a friend and mentor to many young leaders, artists, business folks, and innovators. I know that he will continue to deliver that which is just and best for his constituents and for this nation.

– Kal Penn

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