Asian American Action Fund Outraged over Trump Cancellation of DACA


Program Granting Work Permits to Immigrant Youth to End in Six Months

The board of the Asian American Action Fund is united in its outrage over President Trump’s proposal to end the program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which permits undocumented minors and young adults up to the age of 26 to come out of the shadows, apply for college and graduate studies, and hold work permits.
DACA recipients are our friends, neighbors, relatives, and coworkers. According to the Center for American Progress, there are 18,000 AAPIs who applied for DACA status. DACA recipients are serving in the military, as frontline healthcare workers, and as educators. They were brought to America by their parents and this is the only home they have ever known. Because of President Obama’s vision and leadership, many of these children are on their way to fulfilling their potential and becoming productive members of society.
President Trump’s decision to end DACA puts an end to the dreams of the hundreds of thousands of children who received DACA status. More disturbingly, it puts these young Americans, who were brave enough to come out of the shadows, in legal jeopardy, as the government knows their immigration status and where they live.
AAA Fund vehemently disagrees with President Trump’s cruel decision to end DACA and looks to Congress for answers and relief. We promise to hold our elected officials accountable for their actions and treatment of the most vulnerable Americans.


The Asian American Action Fund (www.aaafund.org) is a Democratic Asian American and Pacific Islander PAC founded in 1999. AAAFund’s goal is to increase the voice of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) in every level of local, state and federal government in the United States.


There’re tons of stories we’re not able to get to due to staffing, labor, and funding limitations. Examples include

  • adopted so surname is non-Asian sounding so they always surprise people when they show up in person
  • Asian Muslims, they’re literally unlocatable despite our queries to them
  • Southeast Asians who’re politically unaligned with other Asians typically East Asian-heavy
  • Asian supremacists, tons of these
  • Asian-American supremacists, a bit different than the Asian-Asian sort
  • LGBTQ and other pronouns we’ve barely begun to graze
  • non-AAPI who’re in strong support of us
  • white supremacists who’re easily converted when they feel us empathsizing and hearing them
  • foreign intel/wumao types who split our community but can’t shake our orderly organized systems
  • artists like Esther Fan of the former groupie Sad Asian Girls who’ve been so traumaticed that they’ll fight for the AAPI cause but refuse to talk with us, just at us

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AAAFund Stands United Against Hate


Condemns white supremicist movement and President Trump’s equivocation

The board of the Asian American Action Fund (AAAFund) stands united against the hate and extremism displayed in Charlottesville and mourns the murder of Heather Heyer and the victims of hate crimes in places like Olathe, KS and Portland, OR. Sadly, the Southern Poverty Law Center has logged an exponential increase in hate crimes – over 1000 this year thus far as perpetrators have been emboldened by Trump’s election. We also condemn the moral equivalence of President Trump, who seeks to soft-pedal the bigotry and violence of those who hate ethnic Americans. His words give comfort to neo-Nazis and white supremacists to continue on their destructive, anti-American course.

There are many elected leaders, Democratic and Republican, American and abroad who have spoken out against the burgeoning white supremacist movement. We call on our elected officials to not only speak, but to lead through actions and to support anti-hate crimes statutes and taking down Confederate monuments and symbols that celebrate slavery. Making America great doesn’t mean returning us to Civil War, it means celebrating our nation’s diversity and pluralism, and ensuring that hate has no place at home.


The Asian American Action Fund (www.aaafund.org) is a Democratic Asian American and Pacific Islander PAC founded in 1999. AAAFund’s goal is to increase the voice of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) in every level of local, state and federal government in the United States.

Affirmative Action Helps Not Harms Asian Americans

Given few are reading any of the tons of great articles, I summarize why affirmative action helps Asian Americans:

It’s why we’re even in American universities at all. We weren’t a presence before it (controlling for immigration differences). Those in power seek to keep it, namely rich whites.

It’s how we help our own community. Not all Asian Americans are privileged Chinese in suburbs, even if many of the highest profile ones are. Data disaggregation will prove it.

It’s a minimum not a maximum. Those playing the zero sum game (i.e. that Asians are limited when unmerited non-AAPI get quotas) are wrong because admissions isn’t straight-race-based. Admission’s complexity allows all to frame the argument for their own purposes.

It’s how we resist and empower our own. We gain better admissions with affirmative action. It’s how we integrate with this nation instead of being the perpetual foreigner. It’s how we gain the power which those who already hold it want.

Once again, affirmative action empowers Asian America and no rich whites funding surreptitious social media campaigns and non-profit shells will victor in their disinfo/influence campaigns. Asian America rising speaks out in every way against others hijacking us for others’ purposes.

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