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Any article we post until Drumpf’s out of office is part of that fightback manual, but this one’s education.

Plus, GOP is 1 state short of passing Constitutional amendments.

Now, a who’s who of who pays for what races:

  • DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE (DNC, @TheDemocrats, Democrats.org, Facebook) nominates and electes the next POTUS. It focuses on the Presidential election. It funds state but not local races.
  • DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSIONAL CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE (DCCC, @DCCC, DSCC.org, Facebook) recruits, encourages, and supports CONGRESSIONAL races.
  • DEMOCRATIC SENATORIAL CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE (DSCC, @DSCC, DSCC.org, Facebook) recruits, encourages, and supports SENATORIAL races.
  • DEMOCRATIC LEGISLATIVE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE (DLCC, , @TheDLCC, DLCC.org, Facebook) recruits, encourages, and supports candidates for state legislatures (or Assemblies, State Senates, etc.), maybe local races.
  • MUNICIPAL Officers organization (DMO, @NationalDMO, NationalDMO.org, Facebook), and that is responsible for the local races.

DNC’s not setup to fund locally but other orgs are & they need money and attention. Volunteer, donate, etc. with the right org as you see fit. We the AAAFund focus on the top 3 since we’ve a finite budget and want maximum impact, but we want more so if you volunteer with us or donate to us, we can support even more and reverse this problem.

Or at least comment below on your thoughts.

Our Media Vision for 2017

Asian Americans in media
For 11 years, we the blogteam and now the social media team have written 4000+ articles here. We’re the leading generator of AAPI progressive news & befriended many throughout AAPI media (including AsAmNews, NBC Asian America, Asian Journal, Hyphen Magazine, et al). After 100s of job postings, press releases, explainers, annual topic campaigns, reposting our friends’ news, and events (ours and others), we’re growing our coverage for this new era to include AAPI dialogue about this new hateful era. Staff pieces like our Executive Director’s call to arms, our former Endorsements Chair’s path to power, our Executive Editor’s fightback manual, etc. give us direction and advance our cause.

For 17 years, AAAFund, our parent organization, has empowered AAPI in public life, brought victory to ever more progressive AAPI running for office, and proudly given AAPI a voice of which to be proud. Our mission leans progressive & grows steadily in scope (our whole media effort didn’t even much exist 1y ago) and funding. We enter a Trumpian era which will erode our civil rights thus we fight back. We’ll make every effort from fundraising to media to networking to grassroots/campaign volunteering to identify, publicize, oppose, and defeat all threats to our community. We’ve great relationships with all the best organizations to do our best work ahead, together, in unity, with purpose, never tiring.

Join us, write us with your ideas for what you and we can do together this Trumpian era. Our ideas include:

  • We applied to do a workshop at ECAASU. We’re very excited to advance/push the discussion with a famously involved and aware group. It’s precisely the sort of advancement we need to continue winning elections (record-setting number of AAPIs won 2016 elections) and empowering all AAPI. Topics will include
    • AAPI relations to affiliated groups like environmental, racial, economic, social justice, foreign affairs, etc.
    • AAPI-originated/intra-AAPI racism, best left for AAPI to discuss as its our problem requiring our solving
    • DNC failings/shortcomings and where we can direct efforts
    • our own community’s historical weaknesses and failures – surely tons of such has been said over the years in private, let’s get them shared, vetted, actioned; tops is why AAPI don’t get more involved beyond preaching to the choir and how to motivate the choir
    • our history – gets at why AAPIs need to be involved
  • lies AAPI believe (see below)
  • give us your feedback by commenting below

A foremost example of these ideas is coverage of why some AAPI voted Trump. We invite such folk to tell us why. Articles like this and this tell the story so we’ll write about how to defeat mis-guided AAPI beliefs.

Let’s do this together!

Stop Anti-AAPI Hate Crimes

OCA Hate Incident Reporting

If you missed tonight’s excellent OCA National call about AAI hate crimes, here’re the todo’s from that call to fight anti-AAPI hate crimes as presented by OCA National:

  1. keep anti-hate crimes bills passed: OCA , JACL et al. passed & will monitor the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act (2009) which expanded federal authority to investigate and prosecute hate crimes by adding sex, gender, and disability categories to existing 1968 law and to keep it that way
  2. keep DOJ accountable for enforcing law
    1. forget harassing the DOJ, the AG nominee’s got a famed record of opposing civil rights so energy here isn’t productive, let’s do what’s going to really help our community which is …
    2. … to ensure states (AR, GA, IN, SC, WY) and local municipalies have then enforce hate crimes. They need law enforcement, awareness/education, proper law writing, legislation, a lot. How? Join AAPI legal orgs/advocates feeding into the central effort such as 50 States Against Hate” (read more).
    3. ADF et al. promote and write laws to fight hate crimes. Check their status by checking what laws are what at HDSL.org. Underreporting lets others think it’s not a problem.
  3. Report it. AAPIHateCrimes.org. Be accurate. We’re under-reported. SPLC does the best tracking. Read it. Donate to them. Volunteer for them.
  4. Share the human story. read and write for Seventh Wave, a literary magazine whose issue 4 was about why one becomes politically involved. Hint: we all are. Tell your story to police, fellow citizens, friends about why anti-AAPI hate crimes exist, are a problem, and damage the whole community (not just incident-specific). Others need to know.
  5. Support the victim and community. Resist the urge to stay silent, hide, save embarassment, power is in our community, we will support you, this blog is a such place here for you if you need to vent/testify/prevent/speak/shout.
  6. Build alliances. Trump threatens our idea of an inclusive society. Prevent that by making society. Find our partners on our social media or here’s one: NotInOurTown to show stories of responding to hate/bullying/crimes.

We skip past the policy, heady, legal, theoretical, and wonky stuff to give you, the reader, only what you need to meet our mission: increase AAPI progressive political participation. Never repeat history. Be the change. All these are true again. Above all: take action, fight back, volunteer for us.

AAPI Fightback Manual

How to keep government good & working for you? Making good laws? Representing your needs and concerns? Contact them.

It’s a bit of work & there’re few good tools/APIs for making these automatically. Here’s my personal one I use for issues. Everyone’s government setup is different so there’s no easy automatic way to make this list.

Call the feds daily to convey my concerns, poached off my Facebook feed pre-Electoral College

  1. 202-224-5972×1 Sen. Lindsay Graham – “Support the investigation of Russian hacking of US election systems.”
  2. 202-353-1555 DOJ Comments – “Investigate Russian hacking of US election systems.”
  3. 202-225-5074 House Oversight Committee – “Investigate President Elect’s conflicts of interests. You exists to do that job.”
  4. 202-225-3031 Speaker Ryan; 202-225-0600 is voicemail-only – “Support the ACA. It does real Americans good. If anything, it needs to be expanded to truly lower prices, for now it’s sometimes raising them.”
  5. 202-456-1111 White House – “Thank President Obama for an excellent administration and service.”

Local stuff

  1. CD: District 15 (coastal Bk)
    Theresa Scavo
    718-332-3008 bklcb15@verizon.net
  2. NYC Council: District 45 (Flatlands and surrounding)
    Jumaane D. Williams
    718-629-2900 JWilliams@council.nyc.gov

    1. nearby is District 46 (Marine Park)
      Alan Maisel
      718-241-9330 AMaisel@council.nyc.gov
  3. NYS Assembly: District 41
    Helene Weinstein
    718-648-4700 WeinstH@nyassembly.gov (form)
  4. NYS Senate: District 17 (central Bk)
    Simcha Felder
    718-253-2015 felder@nysenate.gov (form)
  5. US House: District 9 (Kings East)
    Yvette D. Clarke
    202-225-6231 or form
  6. US Senate: NY
    Kirsten Gillibrand 202-224-4451 and Charles Schumer 202-224-6542

    • made this shorter because I rarely contact at this level

Now go make your own cheatsheet & fight back.

No political idea will ever justify a hate incident or hate crime. Don’t know their difference? Want to report one (SPLC’s doing a great job, report there alternatively if you wish)? Do it at AAPIHateCrimes.org run by our friends at OCA National for you & our community. More at our article about it.

We will never give up. We will always fight back until there is justice and a strong voice for Asian America.

Would you want to see this manual as a public collaboration (as a Wiki? Google Docs?) so we all edit it? Comment below to tell me.

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