Call Sen. Reid, Help Jerry Tao

A top Asian American leader just made the shortlist to become a federal judge in Nevada — and he needs your help.

Please call Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (702.388.5020) and ask him to recommend Jerry Tao for federal judge. Read on to learn more about Jerry, whom AAA-Fund has strongly endorsed.

If nominated and confirmed, Jerry Tao will become the first Asian American federal judge in Nevada’s history.

Although Asian Americans have made huge strides in most fields, we are woefully underrepresented in the judiciary. Less than 1 percent of federal judges are Asian American — even though Asian Americans have been the fastest growing group of lawyers over the past decade.

Now here’s your chance to make a difference. Jerry Tao, an outstanding lawyer and civic leader, has made Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s shortlist for federal judge. If Jerry is selected, Senator Reid will ask President Obama to nominate him to the federal bench.

Once nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate, federal judges have lifetime tenure on the bench. In other words, they can serve as a judge for the rest of their life.

In nearly 20 years, Jerry Tao has amassed a formidable resume worthy of a federal judge. His impeccable record of representing clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to death row murderers to immigrants seeking recourse for civil rights violations has garnered bipartisan respect.

As a Clark County Deputy Assistant Attorney, Jerry has led hundreds of prosecutions, first-chairing more than 60 criminal felonies and misdemeanors, including cases within the domestic violence division. What’s more, he has published important law review articles on patent law. Finally, he brings impeccable legislative credentials, having served as Leader Reid’s Chief Speechwriter and Legislative Assistant.

Jerry Tao has been a role model in our community and a tremendous public servant for Nevada.

Please call Senate Leader Harry Reid and urge him to recommend Jerry Tao for federal judge.

Since all politics is local, we advise calling Leader Reid’s Las Vegas office: 702.388.5020. (However, if you live on the East Coast, here’s his DC office: 202.224.3542.)

Please call as soon as you can, as Senator Reid is expected make his decision within days.

One quick phone call will make a lasting difference.

— Gautam Dutta

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  1. gautam says:

    Please make sure to ask Senate Majority Harry Reid to recommend Jerry Tao for federal judge!

    Please call Leader Reid’s Las Vegas office: 702.388.5020. (However, if you live on the East Coast, here’s his DC office: 202.224.3542.)

  2. Quan says:

    We left a message at his DC office yesterday.

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