AAAFund Stands for Reuniting Families, DREAMers, and the Diversity Visa

Strongly Objects to Family Ban for Immigrants, Calls on Endorsees to Do Same

Contrary to what President Trump’s hateful comments about not wanting immigrants from certain countries, the board of the Asian American Action Fund (AAAFund) fully supports and welcomes immigrants from all countries to the United States. The President is supposed to be a president for all Americans, not just some. Tearing families apart is cruel, and we call on our endorsed candidates and elected officials to stand strongly and vocally for family reunification. We oppose any attempt to shoehorn the xenophobic and anti-family RAISE Act into what should be a clean DACA bill and negotiations over a self-imposed crisis that President Trump created by ending DACA authorization. Family is a central value to Asian cultures, and many Asian American households have multigenerational families helping to raise children and start successful businesses.

The AAAFund supports legalization for the 800,000 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients, including many young Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. We vociferously object to ending family reunification and the visa diversity lottery. It is wrong to end family reunification for the hardworking immigrants who came as children, or to study and start businesses, many of which succeed because of the blood, sweat, and tears of a whole and united family. Over 80 percent of Asian Americans are in the United States because of family reunification, whether through siblings, spouses, or sons and daughters.

As the children of immigrants who saw our parents and our friends’ parents start businesses from scratch, we know that making families whole is fundamental to the American Dream. And to successful businesses, which grow the economy. We saw our parents working with their siblings and our grandparents to staff mom and pop shops from restaurants to dry cleaners to tech startups.

It is wrong to end family reunification for DACA recipients and for people who have waited for over 20 years to be reunited with family members, the way that applicants from the Philippines do. Asian Americans and Filipino Americans have served proudly alongside and in the US military, at times sacrificing their lives for American freedoms. In two decades, children have grown into adults, estranged from loved ones by an ocean and antiquated immigration policy. So we would call for a fix to the family reunification backlog to shorten wait times, not to end family reunification altogether.

AAA-Fund is a progressive political organization that is dedicated to empowering Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders across the United States. Through the AAA-Fund, Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) from different ethnic groups and from all over the country work together to increase the voice of the AAPI community in local, state and federal government. We do this by helping to elect AAPI and other political candidates who have a demonstrated commitment to the community, and by engaging AAPIs in the political process.

Asian American Action Fund Reached Thousands of Minority Voters in Alabama’s US Senate Race


Local Alabamans reached out to Asian American, Latino voters

Today’s Senate victory by Democratic Senator-Elect Doug Jones in Alabama demonstrates the importance of base vote outreach. The Asian American Action Fund (AAAFund), a national Democratic political action committee, provided resources in Alabama to support activists on the ground. Local Alabamans reached out to voters in their communities at gathering places such as ethnic groceries through in-language conversations and literature translated into English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Spanish. In a sign of the uniqueness of the race, this marks the first time AAAFund has made an investment in Alabama.

Irene Bueno, AAAFund Endorsements Co-chair, stated, “The Asian American Action Fund was pleased to be able to support local Alabamans by providing the resources necessary for them to reach voters in multiple languages and in their communities. We believe supporting diverse candidates and turning out the base vote is how we elect Democrats up and down the ticket, and achieve better policies for the middle class and new Americans.”

Hanh Hua of Mobile, Alabama, said, “I strive to include our AAPI community and promote civic engagement as a basic duty of being American and the core of why we love America. When Irene reached out to help make this possible with only 1.5% of AAPI in AL, my team and I rejoiced since the dream was now taking form.

Expanding our voter outreach to Alabamans in multiple languages gave us more momentum to push forward. I’m thrilled the AAA Fund and AADC helped me make this a reality! I’m also really proud of my state for uniting to lift Doug Jones to victory and being on the right side of history. Seeing a Democrat win the US Senate seat in Alabama for the first time in a quarter century is amazing. It speaks to the power of his progressive vision and commitement to reach out to diverse voters.”


The Asian American Action Fund (www.aaafund.org) is a Democratic Asian American and Pacific Islander PAC founded in 1999. AAAFund’s goal is to increase the voice of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) in every level of local, state and federal government in the United States.

AAA Fund Mourns Death of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee


Pioneering Son of Immigrants Championed Opportunity and Fairness

The board of the Asian American Action Fund, a Democratic political action committee, mourns the loss of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee. Born Edwin Mah Lee in 1952 to Chinese immigrants who emigrated during the Chinese Exclusion Act, he rose to become San Francisco’s first Asian American mayor. As Mayor, he welcomed immigrants and proclaimed that “being a sanctuary city is in our DNA.” Called upon to fill out the remainder of now Lt. Gov. Newsom’s mayoralty, Lee was reelected twice in 2011 and 2015. As mayor, he pushed the creation of the Housing Trust Fund to finance $1.5B in affordable housing, a $15 hourly minimum wage increase, and the creation of the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing.

Prior to his mayoral appointment, Lee had served the city of San Francisco in many capacities, including as city administrator, Director of Public Works, Director of City Purchasing, Executive Director of the Human Rights Commission, and Deputy Director of Employment Relations. Early in his career, Lee worked as managing attorney for the Asian Law Caucus after receiving his JD from UC Berkeley.

Gautam Dutta, Counsel for the Asian American Action Fund and Northern California Chair, stated, “Ed Lee loved San Francisco and public service. He was a pioneer and an inspiration to many of us, and the candidates and elected officials we support. His loss will be deeply felt.”


The Asian American Action Fund (www.aaafund.org) is a Democratic Asian American and Pacific Islander PAC founded in 1999. AAAFund’s goal is to increase the voice of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) in every level of local, state and federal government in the United States.


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