Asian-Americans in Congress 2012

10- The number of Asian Americans who launched bids for Congress in 2010

30- The number of Asian Americans who have launched bids for Congress in 2012.

In a recent article written by CNN, it states that Asians are among the fastest growing groups in the U.S. and that because three times as many Asian-Americans have been running for Congress this year than in the past election, it signifies “changes in demographic trends and reflects the recent political awakening of a minority group long confined to the margins of American society.”

In addition, candidates from New York, Tennessee, and Florida are looking to become the first people of Asian descent from their state to join Congress.

If you continue to read the article, Judy Chu (D-California) makes a great point about the significance of these numbers beyond politics. She talks about the typical Asian American and Pacific Islander stereotype of how we are always quiet, don’t speak up, and don’t fight back. As an Asian-American youth, I can’t help but agree.

Aside from all the differing views of political policies from Democrats or Republicans, this issue of a minority group propelling itself to hold positions in Congress is truly a huge step towards not only influencing other Asian politicians, but also the youth in America to hold leadership positions and oust stereotypes.

Of course, no issue would be complete without its critics. In this case, many critics still debate about how much trustworthy and loyal these Asians are to America. Absurd, right?

But for now, let’s toast to the recent wave of new Asian-American faces making a run at Congress!

Hedge funds switch political donations

hedge fund donations Dem v Rep

We all knew anecdotes of hedge funders switching up their political donations from Democrats to Republicans after 2008, but here’s the proof in red, white, and blue.

The hedge fund industry’s political donations did a 180 between 2008 and 2010. Hedge funders were pissed that their faithful donations to Democrats were met with bills to cap their gains, and have since shifted donations to Republicans. And how.

This means that Democrats will have to work that much harder to get their base voters out, and appeal to working class families.


Happy 2011

All of us at AAA-Fund wish you and your family a festive and memorable New Year.  Just wanted to share some quick reflections:


1. John Delloro

2. Joe Fernandez


1. California Attorney General-Elect Kamala Harris

2. Congressmember-Elect Hansen Clarke

Happy 2011!

— Gautam Dutta

Joe Fernandez, RIP

Joe Fernandez, a prominent lawyer who ran for Rhode Island Attorney General this year, dies at the young age of 46.   Our thoughts go out to his family during this difficult time.

— Gautam Dutta

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