TDP2010: The Texas Two-Step Persists

The debate over the Texas Two-Step — the nickname for the process of selecting approximately two-thirds of Texas Democratic delegates to the Democratic National Convention through a primary and one-third through a caucus system — was the most contentious point of the convention. Both sides have extremely good points. All but a few — and the few remaining are excellent — could, however, be remedies without changing the delegate apportionment plan. The Houston Chronicle and Texas Tribune have great comments from delegates. When it came down to a vote on the floor, the Texas Two-Step survived.

For more details on the controversy, read George Nassar’s piece in The Texas Blue.

&nash; Justin Gillenwater

His Career's Finished

Shame on John Edwards for repeatedly lying to his wife, family, friends, and supporters.

— Gautam Dutta

Palin: APAs Not "Glam" Enough

Sarah Palin may not have been (and might not be) comfortable with Asian Americans — because they’re not “glamorous” enough:

Did Sarah Palin leave Hawaii because there were too many Asians? In the New Yorker review of “Going Rogue,” Sam Tanenhaus writes that Palin’s father suggested as much to the reporters who wrote “Sarah From Alaska.” The account contradicts the former Alaska governor’s own description of her reasons for leaving college in Hawaii after only one semester.

Palin, though notoriously ill-traveled outside the United States, did journey far to the first of the four colleges she attended, in Hawaii. She and a friend who went with her lasted only one semester. “Hawaii was a little too perfect,” Palin writes. “Perpetual sunshine isn’t necessarily conducive to serious academics for eighteen-year-old Alaska girls.” Perhaps not. But Palin’s father, Chuck Heath, gave a different account to Conroy and Walshe. According to him, the presence of so many Asians and Pacific Islanders made her uncomfortable: “They were a minority type thing and it wasn’t glamorous, so she came home.”

Too bad Palin didn’t stick it out in Hawai’i.  If she had, she would’ve experienced the full, “unglamorous” richness of America, from the mainstream to the “minority type thing”.

— Gautam Dutta

Obama Congratulates Judy Chu


Office of the Press Secretary



July 15, 2009


The President called Representative-elect Judy Chu to congratulate her on her victory in last night’s special election in California. The President told her that he is looking forward to working with her in Congress, especially when it comes to reforming our health care system and lowering health care costs for all Americans. The President also congratulated her on being the first Chinese American woman elected to Congress and told her that he admired the way she ran her campaign.

To view a picture of the President calling Congresswoman-elect Judy Chu from the Oval Office today to congratulate her on her victory in the special election to represent California’s 32nd Congressional District, click HERE. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


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