The AAA-Fund started as a Washington, D.C.-based national organization in July 2000. By 2005, AAA-Fund members living in Virginia were hosting fundraising events, organizing phone-banking parties, and organizing canvassing trips in Virginia. Clusters of AAA-Fund activists in other cities were also starting to do political organizing under the AAA-Fund umbrella.

In 2006, the AAA-Fund formally launched chapters in Los Angeles and Northern Virginia, as well as a Young Professional (YP) chapter in Washington, D.C. It also developed affiliate relationships with the National Filipino American PAC, the Indian American Leadership Initiative and Asian Pacific Americans for Progress. By 2007, a Chicago chapter was formed, door-knocking was being done in Connecticut, and candidates were being endorsed in Boston, Chicago, Ohio and all across the nation. In 2008, so many had joined from California that Northern and Southern California chapters were started.

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