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The typhoons that recently hit the Philippines – the worst in 40 years – have left close to half a million people displaced and missing. Severe flooding has claimed the lives of more than 240 people as of the latest count. The number of casualties and fatalities continue to rise. This calamity, in terms of human suffering and long-term devastation, evokes the human tragedy caused by Hurricane Katrina a few years ago in Louisiana.

Filipinos are a resilient people and they will find a way to survive. But they need immediate help in order to feed their families and sustain themselves through the coming days and weeks. More storms are expected.

Feed the Hungry, Inc. is working directly with the Commission on Overseas Filipinos, setting up food stations and relief centers all over the affected areas in Metro Manila. We have hundreds of volunteers reaching out to the flood victims, delivering food and clothing and directing them to safe havens and shelters.

At this time, the most effective humanitarian response is to donate money. This will enable Feed The Hungry to purchase much-needed food and relief goods and deliver them immediately to the hard-hit areas.

Given the destruction that wreaked havoc on the lives of an already-impoverished people, we expect long-term rehabilitation and recovery efforts to follow. The rebuilding that needs to be done requires our compassion and commitment in the weeks and months ahead.

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Thank you for your prayers, financial support and helping hand during this time of calamity and crisis.

Feed the Hungry, Inc. is a Sec. 501(c)(3) public charity. Per IRS rules, your donations are tax-deductible.

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