Introducing “Ask A Staffer”

Happy holidays from the AAA Fund blog team! Whether you’re in the far-flung reaches of Alaska or in the warm climes of Florida, we hope you are having a warm holiday season with your friends and family.

We’re introducing a new and ongoing “Ask the Staffer” interview series with Democratic staffers who care about Asian American issues. We’re doing it so that interested Asian Americans and other political junkies can find out more about what it’s like to be involved with political campaigns from an “on the ground” perspective. We’re starting with presidential campaigns, but we hope to interview state and local staffers as well. Think of it as an easy way to find out:

1) what it’s like to work on a political campaign; and

2) more information about different candidates (AAA Fund is all about helping others become more political active and aware.)

We plan on expanding this interview series to candidates as well, so look forward to that feature. Meantime, let us know if there are questions you’d like to see included in future interview series, or if you have any campaigns you’d like us to interview.

We’re kicking this off with S. R. Sidarth of Governor Richardson’s campaign. (Yes, that S. R. Sidarth who got mocked by former Senator George Allen, got it on tape, and helped pick up a Democratic Senate seat in Virginia, as well as a stellar new Senator – Jim Webb, who was one of AAA Fund’s endorsed winners in 2006.

We hope this series will inspire you to get active as well, because you never know how much one person can change – just look at Sidarth. And no matter which candidate you support, we’re just here to get you more informed, because we can all toast to that. Enjoy the New Year!

Note: The AAA-Fund welcomes a diversity of views and voices. In that spirit, the views expressed in this article are the author's own. Unless an article states that it was written by the AAA-Fund or its Board of Directors, it does not necessarily reflect the views of the AAA-Fund.

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